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Teaching Board

Techie Multi-function Teaching System
Integrated teaching board&pen,making the classroom environmental
Low carbon,clean and tidy,enter a new era of Dust-free teaching. 

The Environmental Board

  • Board quality  galvanized steel sheet as the material,firm and durable,the surface coating used high tech lattice nano coating,matte property,anti glare greater than 30 degree of vision.

  • Matte&beige design for vision health  design of Low light quantum theory,the color of board is beige,visual feeling is gentle.With wave length of color atlas between 550-770 nano,beige is the most acceptable color by retina,having the ability of soothe the pain of eyestrain and improve recognition of eyes.

  • Used for projection screen  in traditional classroom,the blackboard and projection screen are separate,the backdrop of screen can be damaged easily by pulling up and down frequently,also can be yellow for a long time;unreasonable structure;

  • Energy efficiency and environmental protection  the board is attached no electronics,without electricity,with ability of no heat and nonradiative.

    Water-based Environmental Teaching Pen

    Dust-free  No dust when writing and wiping.Equipped with environmental clean water,assuring the board clean and eraser no residue.The ability to avoid occupational disease inducted by chalk dust and provide a clean condition for classmates.
    Non-toxic detected by provincial non-toxic detection,SGS•RoHs detection,ASTM F963-08,PAEs test,EN71 part3 test, water-based environmental ink is 100%relatively safe.
    Non-ignitable  compared with chalk which is inflammable that can not store and transport for a large number and also have a potential risk for school.
    Inked for cycle  when the ink used up,open the pen cap and take out the refill,then put it in ink for 3-5 seconds to fulfill ink.Every pen with enough ink can write 6000-8000 words,every bottle of ink can write 80000-100000 words.The pen point has good desiccation resistance which can guarantee writing smoothly for 3-5days’ set aside.
    Low cost