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Digital Poidum 21P

1.Aluminum material with brushed, frosted finish and laser engraving.
2.It integrate the technology of PC, display, AV, touching, Auto control into one. So it is easy to deal with AV files, images, texts,etc.
3.Height adjustment, easy and comfortable to adjust the height by your will.
4.Improve your presentation delivery with ease and confidence. This sleek lectern comes with a 21.5” wide screen touch monitor and integrated state-of-the-art PC power.
4.For users that require to use their own notebook, the new HJ-YJ21P includes all the sockets and simply switch to the notebook
5.Combined with PPT-SHOW Presenter support tools, the system adds confidence to the user - and productivity to meetings - with seamless execution of multiple presentations.

Monitor: 21.5” full HD 1920x1080 screen resistive touch
Front access: 4 USB, 1 DVD, multi-card reader
Top: electrical height control button, reading light button,XLR3 microphone socket, XLR3 socket.
Built-in switcher to switch between the lectern and a notebook
Output: XLR3, PC audio jack, LAN, VGA sub15 ; A-size paper area
Includes PC with Intel(R) Core the second generation i5 2450@ 2.5GHz
System Memory2x204-Pin DDRⅡ 800/1066MHz SO-DIMM, Maximum support 8GB Windows 7.